Rocky Mountain Lineman School Graduates 23!

Congratulations to RMLS Fall 2013 Graduates!

This week, twenty-three students graduate from the Trinidad State Junior College’s Rocky Mountain Lineman School.  They are the 11th class to graduate from the fifteen week program since its inception in 2008.  RMLS offers students both certificate and associate degree options.  Objectives of the programs are to build a productive and sustainable workforce of craft professionals.  The curriculum provides a broad based educational experience by addressing the fundamental aspects of Power Line work, electrical theory, climbing techniques, aerial framing, rigging and maintaining underground residential distribution service equipment.  Additionally, the program strives to provide graduates with the skills necessary to develop safe work habits and an understanding of power line safety guidelines and principles, helping students understand Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) rules and regulations for power line workers.

RMLS2 sized.jpg

Included in their curriculum, RMLS utilizes the first year of the Merchant Job Training and Safety Program.  When graduates are hired and begin their apprenticeships within the industry, they receive full credit toward related classroom instruction and can enroll directly into the second year of the Merchant Program.  For more details about the RMLS program or available graduates, contact career coach Dan Wilson at:

MTI Scholarship

Last year we announced that Dorothy had made a donation to Mitchell Technical Institute to establish the Dennis Merchant Endowed Scholarship Fund.  Dennis spent his entire working career in the power line industry.  He established and then taught in the Power Line Technology program at MTI from 1974 to 1988.  The $1000 dollar scholarship is now available to current students of the MTI Power Line Construction and Maintenance Program.  Applicants must complete an MTI online application during the open application period.  The recipient will be announced in mid-January each year and the award applied to the recipient’s account for spring semester.