At the request of many electric utilities we have developed a Meterman Training Program patterned after our popular Lineman Program.

The 4 year Metering Program is administered similar to the Powerline Program. Trainees study one section at a time; complete the Assignment Sheets, then check their work with answers given in the back of the each workbook. They will take Closed Book Tests administered by their Training Coordinator after Completing each of the nine sections in each workbook. The tests are faxed or emailed to the MJTS offices for grading.

The program is contained in the following blocks:

  • Block I - The Electric System
  • Block II - Basic Electricity
  • Block III - Math
  • Block IV - Safety
  • Block VII - Transformers
  • Block VIII - Overvoltage/Overcurrent Protective Devices
  • Block X - Voltage Regulation
  • Block XI - Power Use
  • Block XII - Watt-Hour Meters
  • Block XV - Orientation

Trainees enrolling in the metering program who have graduated from the Lineman Program with a final score of 85% or better on the 4th year, will be allowed to start the Meterman Program with the 3rd year.

 MJTS Meterman's Program Catalog (PDF)

If you have questions contact the MJTS office. Phone: 605-697-6587 or e-mail: